1. Living room

The living room is the most used area in the villa, where people chat, watch TV, or meet guests. Due to the high ceiling, we need to make sure enough light for the living room.

First of all, we should pay attention to the overall decorative design for the living room, we can choose the crystal lanterns, traditional chandeliers, contemporary hanging lights or any other personalized and decorative lighting. Moreover, better to use the led flexible strip in lamp slot for modification, which can make the living room a spatial place.


For the hanging wall, the ancient paintings, etc., you can use LED lighting for lighting, highlighting the effect of the formation of visual point (but for authentic artifacts, should avoid generating infrared light source to cold light source is better). After all, no one can accept it, obviously hit the big money to buy the paintings actually stand out the feeling of spreading goods, or the arrangement of the furniture to mind, even according to the picture is not tall.

For the hanging wall or paintings on the wall, you can use the led spotlights to highlight them, it can create a visual point. No one wants the paintings to look bad especially when they have paid a lot of money to buy them. Everyone wants the paintings to be a special part out of all the furniture that is well arranged.


  1. Bedrooms

A bedroom is a place for people to have a rest, it is more like a private space, and it carries the unadorned people’s real emotions. Therefore, when doing the lighting design, it is recommended to use the soft, adjustable, non-glare light, in order to create a soothing environment, leading to psychological decompression, relax the body and mind.


The bedroom’s main lighting can be small crystal lamps, the light should be neutral and relaxing.

The choice of bedside lamp should be soft and spotlight, it can make people feel comfortable while listening to music or refreshing, and also can meet the lighting needs of leisure reading.


  1. Kitchen

The kitchen is not only a place for families to prepare meals but also an important place for emotional exchange. Therefore, the kitchen lighting and lighting installation should be as warm and comfortable as other spaces.

Villa kitchens are mostly semi-open or open, in general, we should use conventional lighting without shadow. The kitchen lighting needs to be practical, beautiful, at the same time bright, fresh, giving people a clean feeling.


In addition, to better people’s appetite, we should make sure we have the kitchen table lighting with good color rendering. A good dining table lighting not only allows food looks more tasty and delicious, but also to enhance the overall style of villas have a supporting role.


  1. Study room

The lighting design guidelines of study room are to meet the basic need of reading and to protect the visual health of peoples’ eyes. Functional lighting illumination needs to reach 300lx-500lx, in order to meet the requirements of writing lighting. The color rendering of the study room lighting needs to be high,  is conducive to the protection of the eyes, and maintain the visual environment of comfort.

The lighting led color temperature should be cold white or neutral white color, similar to schools and office areas, cold white lighting color is more likely to concentrate, but taking into account the home lighting color temperature should be warm, we can choose the neutral white color temperature, a certain transitional.


  1. Bathroom

Clean and tidy is the basic guideline for all bathroom design, so it is best to use fresh colors and soft lighting for the bathroom. Remember to use anti-fog products, have a certain level of waterproof, like IP44 lighting.

We should focus on the key lighting for certain area of the bathroom, rather than too much brightness for the whole bathroom.


For villas, the lighting design idea requires both artistry and aesthetics, thus highlighting the identity of the owner. The color temperature with warm white can create a low-key and gorgeous effect. If you want the bathroom to look more spacious, you can take advantage of cold-colored lighting, use spotlights and downlights to maximize the bathroom wall tile smooth glossy surface texture.