Sufficient Light

For people living in Scandinavia, where the sunshine duration is less than 7 hours per day in winter, the light is the first consideration of interior design.

The first thing to do is to focus on window design and actively introduce light sources. Nordic people tend to have simple, white windows. In the choice of curtains, lightweight fabrics such as flax, which are more translucent, will also be more advantageous.

Indoor collocation is also very important, for example, light-colored furniture can make your home look brighter, in addition, chandeliers, floor lamps, wall lamps, even candlesticks, are also essential.

Some people began to like to hang paper lanterns in their rooms. The lamps made of paper will bring feelings of etherealness and are considered to be an interpretation of traditional Asian styles.

Form and function

“No more, no less” is the Art of Life of the Nordic people. It means a proper balance, not greedy, but practical enough.

The latest trend is that in order to meet actual storage needs, the cabinets have become larger and more abundant. The storage space has become a plus for interior design, so don’t hide the basket in the closet, pick a unique storage item and make it part of the indoor environment.

However, you should keep in mind that it is best to keep the furniture straight, which is the simplest and most effective way to avoid confusion.

Soft Tones

Let’s say the Scandinavian style is like a palette, black, white, grey and brown are often intertwined to create a clean, calm interior.

In fact, you can have more choices than these colors. For example, add some light pink, blue and fresh green, they will become the highlight of the active space.

By the way, the white walls are always too common and seem boring. Try to paint the walls gray, and you create a new type of Scandinavian style.

Plants, art works and others

Scandinavian style is always full of vibrant greenery, they are usually placed in corners, windowsills, and tables. In addition, some artworks that symbolize personal style are also a good way to embellish space. In order to maintain the integrity of Scandinavian style, artworks with relatively simple colors and shapes will be more suitable.

There are also some gadgets that are also popular, such as the kind of casualness that Nordic people like to see, which can be seen from posters posted on the wall. This way of eclectic can also make it easier for you to change other decorations in future.

Tents in the interior are also a new trend. This tent for children has recently become popular in the United States, and children around the world should not resist it.

Simple, natural pattern

Feather patterns have been popular in the United States for a while. Now it is increasingly appearing in the Swedish home. Whether it is wallpaper or bedding, when you want to add some natural elements, the feather pattern is always a good choice.

A few years after V-shaped and nautical patterns became popular, the line began to make a comeback. For a simple, modern home-improvement atmosphere, don’t forget to put a couple of straight-line pillows and add a simple geometric rug.

Wood, metal and fur

Appropriate use of wood, metal and fur and other materials, is a good tool to create Scandinavian style.

Unprocessed leather will help you create a quaint feeling, and this material is now also very popular with the new middle class in the United States. At the same time, for high-latitude cold regions, putting a furry blanket at home can quickly create a “warm” feeling.

The importance of wood is not difficult to understand. The common practice is to lighten the home with a light-colored solid wood floor. In addition, you can also have more bold attempts, such as putting simple wooden strips on the boring white walls or letting large wooden trusses emerge, you can easily create a casual atmosphere, which makes people feel like spending the leisurely afternoon in the warm sauna and log cabins in the forest.

Metals are suitable for small areas, such as faucets, door handles, and fixtures. It breaks the coldness and brings a sense of refinement.

Photo from:  elledecordecorilla