Modern minimalist style – Advocating the fashion

Many young people are under great pressure in their career, they need a more simple environment for their own body and mind as a relaxed place. Not being punctilious, no boundary, being free from the restrictions of the load-bearing walls, are the first request that many consumers ask the interior designers. What’s more, in the decoration process, the relatively simple processing and low costing are acceptable to many working-class people.

Material texture is essential for minimalism, if the selection is too hasty, then simple style can easily be reduced to a simple design. It can be said that the selection of modern minimalist style decoration inputs, often not less than the construction part of the capital expenditure.

Modern avant-garde style – Interpretation of an alternative life

Compared to the Modern minimalist style, A modern avant-garde style is more self-evident and simpler, it has become the first choice of art mankind in home design. Unconventional spatial structure, bold and contrasting strong color arrangement, and rigid and flexible selection of materials, all of them enable people to find a surreal balance in their coldness. This balance is undoubtedly the most powerful sniper to the aesthetic unity, the concept of living Single and lifestyle single. With the gradual maturation of the ’80s and the introduction of new and new human beings, we have every reason to believe that the modern avant-garde’s design style will not only fail but will be even more unexpected and dramatic in content and form.

This style emphasizes personal personality and preferences, but in the design process, people should pay attention to their own way of life and behavior, to avoid being flashy.

Elegant style – Reproduction elegant and warm

If you like European classical romance, but dislike being restrained by the noble tedious; If you like simple and capable, but think it is not elegant enough or lack of warmth, then try the elegant style.

Elegant is a design method that has only just emerged in recent years and is quickly accepted by consumers, especially for people in literary and art or education world.

The layout of the space is close to the modern style, while in the concrete interface form and wiring method, it approaches the neoclassical. In the selection of materials, people should pay attention to the color harmony.