Living Room: Recessive Ambient Light + Movable Lamps = Smart Space

Many people like to install a chandelier in the living room, but if your living room is not big, you should give up the chandelier. You can choose some movable lamps to illuminate the entire space, like a table lamp, floor lamp, which enables more freedom for the design of lighting. Except for the fixed spotlights, all the other lighting can be moved freely. In this case, indoor lighting is no longer a problem even without a chandelier. Herewith an example:

Figure: The floor lamp behind the cloth sofa illuminate the dark corner, make space look more spacious.

However, if you decide to use this lighting solution, you have to make sure the lighting effect can improve the room atmosphere that needed.

In a small living room, you can choose a simple floor lamp as the lighting fixture for the entire area, all the other area need to be illuminated by the radiation of mirrors. Don’t forget that the mirror is a unique weapon of the living room. (at the same time mirror can make space look bigger, this is the indoor commonly used skills).