Step 1:

Measure the size of the room that required lighting. How much square meters? (eg.length:3m,width:4m, then the room size is 12㎡ (3m×4m =12㎡)

Step 2:

Calculate the total lumens that needed for the room based on what kinds of actions taken in the room. Refer to the chart below: (eg.12㎡ room for easy office work use, the total lumens needed is 3,000 lumens (250×12= 3,000 lumens))


Step 3:

Decide which kind of light source you want and calculate out how many pieces you need. Refer to the chart below while you are working on it: For example, 12㎡ room for easy office work use (3,000 lumens): If you choose 12-13W LED bulbs(1100–1750 lumens) to achieve it, then you need 2 or 3 pieces If you choose T5 28W LED tube (2750 lumens) to achieve it, then you need one piece. If you want a small area for reading books, let’s say 1㎡, then a 7-watt led bulb is good for it.   Also, pay attention that we only give steps on how we can work on it. The number of lumens is different for different bulbs, it is better to check the accurate lumens of the bulbs you’re going to use (many branded lights do have this info on their package). Moreover, the lumens per square meter needed for the room is also just for reference, we should adjust them lower or higher base on the room surrounding (eg. If the wallpaper in dark color, then lumens needed higher).


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