NO.1 The size

Of course, the first thing you need to think about is how big the space for the lighting fixtures.

If you have the low ceiling but going to buy a big size chandelier, it is absolutely not smart enough. You have to think about the suitable size of lighting fixtures, for example, you have a long dinner table about 60 inches, you may need two hanging lamps with the diameter no more than 20 inches (⅓ of the table width).

Only when you have the clear sense of the space size, you could have in mind how big the lighting fixtures you are going to buy.

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NO.2 The quantity

To make sure the lighting fixtures can illuminate the whole space where needed, we need to think about how many pieces of them are enough. Do not focus on the wattage only, as it is not a correct way to tell how much lighting fixtures needed in your room. Try to understand how many lumens required for space, then consider the lumen of every single lighting fixture, calculate out the quantity you need.

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NO.3 The style

Lighting fixtures are parts of your home decoration. We should also think about the style of lighting fixtures can match your furniture or furnishing styles. If you are going to have Brown leather sofa to live a luxury life, you may need the crystal chandeliers. Now younger people like minimalist furniture with simple colors, then the modern home lighting can be a good choice.

NO.4 The installation

You should think about it Whether or not you choose to do the installation yourself. It will be very frustrated if you have an ideal lighting fixture back home only to find impossible to install it! So make sure every room has the possibility to be assembled the lighting fixtures you’re going to buy. Check the wires, switches, even the weight endurance before you step into a lighting shop.