In the era of hardcover houses, the role of interior decoration began to be magnified, especially in lighting.
The little lights look inconspicuous, but can bring great changes to the home with light and shade shape! What design skills are there in the hardcover room lighting?

In addition to ordinary lighting such as ceiling lamps and chandeliers commonly used in daily life, functional lighting with specific functions and lighting with contrast atmosphere are more unexpected effects.

Ambient lighting
It is mainly used to create a comfortable atmosphere in the room, with a decorative effect, but also regulate the mood of people. Diffuse light adds a soft touch while emitting a fascinating glow. For example, decorative table lamps, floor lamps, etc.

Functional lighting
To project focused directional light on a particular surface to meet different needs and achieve a specific role, we need to arrange functional lighting. Such as screen lighting, reading or work area spotlights, wall lights, or spotlights in cabinets.

Let’s take a look at how the different lights are set up and bring surprises and changes to the home!

Busy, messy kitchen area
Where food is cooked, convenient and clear directional lighting is required. Therefore, installing spotlights in cabinets or cooking areas allows family members to enjoy a comfortable cooking process.
The kitchen’s storage area can be equipped with spotlights to make it easy to see the built-in items, and these lights and glass-clear luster each other, bring a sense of pleasure.
We should choose directional lighting spotlights for the dining area, which can illuminate the table to enable convenient dining. Different styles of shade can also highlight the dining area design, creating a warm atmosphere.



Functional and frequent living room
It needs to create the right atmosphere for relaxation and gathering in the living room, using direct lighting or diffuse lighting makes it easy to enjoy watching TV or reading and other activities.
The chandelier emits directional light to form a bright, unglare light on the surface of the coffee table, facilitating games and other activities.