To choose a good shape pendant light for the dining room is important for creating the dinner atmosphere. 

Flexibility is a major feature of the dining room space. You can use the hanging styling pendant to press the space, or choose the candlelight to render the space, both of them can create comfort for the dining time.

An attractive pendant light can be the focus of space decoration, showing a different home style, customizing your own dinner atmosphere.

Herewith an example:

 corresponding metal pendants are assembled separately on above the table, it is very suitable for families with relatively big dining table. In order to meet the overall style of the room, the choice of lighting is also part on the modern design so that the dining room makes people feel like having an absolute picky sense to the foods taste.


Use the contrast difference between strong and weak brightness to create a sense of hierarchy.

General environmental lighting can make the dining area with a certain brightness. Assemble some recessed lights in the ceiling set, the scattered light can outline the dining area so that the indoor light looks more natural.

Pendant light can be placed above the table as local lighting, remember to choose a pendant with light directly down to the table, it can ensure adequate light when eating, ant increase appetite at the same time.Herewith an example:

Place a shaped pendant light above the table to press the space, ensuring adequate light for the dinner time. Some small spotlights around bright the outline of the space with significantly lower illumination, forming a good hierarchy.

Another example:

Two pendants are placed side by side, one is fixed higher, another lower. T
he glass lamp shade enables more transparent light projection.The dining area itself is not large, the whole space is brightened up by light from the wall area rather than the table pendants, in this case, the table has become a non-key “care” object. Such a strong contrast between the light layout can also meet their lighting needs. However, the problem is when having dinner people will not focus much on the table because of the less attention of the space. It may cause the regardless of primary and secondary.