Soft light is better for bedroom

Almost everyone thinks the most important part of bedroom lighting is the bedside table lamp, but there is still some other area that can help lighting up the bedroom and creating a comfortable atmosphere for the bedroom, like lighting on the ceiling or dresser. At the top of the bedroom, chandeliers or ceiling lights can be mounted to make enough light for the room, especially while people need do the finishing or cleaning.

Local lighting is generally set in the vicinity of the bed, you can place a floor lamp or wall lamps at both ends of the wall, to meet the need of reading before going to bed or the needs of waking up at night.

There is one thing people shouldn’t forget: the best light in the bedroom is usually warm (color temperature is low, also known as warm yellow), which is more relaxed and pleasing for people.

In addition to the room chandelier (basic lighting), bedside lamp is also a must, a comfortable bedside lamp makes convenience for your reading.

Example: Pay special attention to the difference between darkness and brightness. The lack of light makes people feel horrible and so cold, while too much brightness make people feel glare especially when the light goes directly to eyes.

Soft light helps people to sleep.

Bedroom lighting has to be quiet, gentle to make people feeling safe. You can use a stylish chandelier mounted in the middle of the bedroom, used as the main lighting. Wall lamp should be installed at the bedside of a wall with 1.8m height, or use the bedside table lamp.

If the lamp is made of metal, make sure the refection of light from the metal part is not too strong, which may create a cold feeling. The light brightness shouldn’t be too strong either, remember to create the peaceful atmosphere when design lighting for a bedroom.

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